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Location: Ireland
Industry: Healthcare

At the moment our client hospitals in Dublin, Ireland are ideally looking for people with at least 3-4 years experience in the following areas:

  • Operating Theatre/Room with experience in orthopaedic, cardio-thoracic, transplant and neurology procedures but someone with very deep general procedure experience would also be of interest
  • Nurses with strong experience in Oncology and Accident/Emergency are also of strong interest

Summary of Requirements
  • Diploma/Bachelor in Nursing
  • IELTS Score of at least 7.0 (Listening/ Reading 6.5 - Writing/Speaking 7.0) - this is required to obtain registration in Ireland
  • Proof of Nurse Registration
  • 2 References

Location: Ireland
Industry: Healthcare

Role Purpose
  • You must practice within the Codes of Practice, Rules and Guidelines set out by An Bord Altranais and comply with the policies and procedures of the hospital.
  • Personally and professionally you are accountable to the patient. You are personally accountable for your own actions at all times.

Key Responsibilities
1. Assessment, Planning, Implementation and Evaluation
  • Utilising assessment skills and techniques to determine patient needs on admission.
  • Documenting nursing admission assessment thoroughly and accurately.
  • Continually assess patient condition.
  • Clearly identify patient problems for which nursing care will be given.
  • Develop and document a care plan based on patient needs and best practice.
  • Update the written or computerised care plan as indicated.
  • Develop appropriate and individualised patient education and discharge planning and utilise available ward resources for same.
  • Collaborate with other health care team members within the defined clinical area in accordance with the patient care plan.
  • Develop discharge criteria from time of admission.
  • Plan work to allow time for training, meetings etc.
  • Provide safe, comprehensive nursing based on current standards and research, perform procedures according to established policy and procedures.
  • Administer the developed care plan in a consistent and flexible manner.
  • Fulfil prescribed orders completely and accurately.
  • Provide care with minimal supervision in a timely accurate and safe manner.
  • Maintain a safe environment for patients, visitors and colleagues.
  • Advocate as necessary for the patients, respecting their dignity and confidentiality.
  • Function effectively in an emergency situation.
  • Adapt to changing workloads.
  • Know and practice within legal requirements including those set down by An Bord Altranais.
  • Evaluate and update care plans appropriately.
  • Evaluate personal nursing practice as compared to standards of care and know own ability and competence.
  • Participate in quality assurance by assisting to identify recurrent nursing problems and co-operate in data collection and problem solving.
  • You must comply with all hospital policy's in relation to Infection Prevention and Control. Every employee has a responsibility to know how to reduce infection in their role.

2. Communication Skills
  • Maintain documents according to the policies and procedures the hospital.
  • Update documents to observe physical and emotional symptoms and changes.
  • Report relevant information verbally and in writing to appropriate nursing personnel.
  • Respond appropriately to patient/family requests and questions.
  • Communicate appropriate with colleagues and other members of the health care team.
  • Recognise self-limitations and seek assistance.
  • Attend and contribute in staff meetings and team briefing.
  • Communicate in a manner that avoids antagonism, reduces conflict and prevents undue anxiety.

3. Professional Expectations
  • Function within the limits of An Bord Altranais and hospital policies, procedures and standards.
  • Observe appropriate lines of authority.
  • Demonstrate flexibility by assisting in other areas of the hospital as required.
  • Set annual goals and objectives with CNM.
  • Continue to develop personal knowledge and skills.
  • Seek and take education opportunities in addition to those provided by the hospital.
  • Provide direct supervision to other members of the nursing team when appropriate.
  • Participate in working groups to develop and promote quality care within the hospital.
  • Participate in the education of learners and assist with the orientation of new personnel.
  • Present a professional appearance and is punctual.
  • Accept responsibility for 'Acting Up' in specific instances, as assigned.

Required Qualifications:
  • Registered in the general division of An Bord Altranais
  • Evidence of personal professional development

Location: Ireland
Industry: Healthcare

Key Duties and Responsibilities
A staff nurse is involved in direct patient care with the responsibility of providing the highest standard of evidence based nursing care in partnership with other health care professionals. Their role is to promote health, prevent disease, and help patients cope with illness.
  • Assessing, planning, delivering and evaluating highly specialised nursing care, using a holistic approach.
  • When providing direct patient care, they observe, assess, and record symptoms, responses, and progress.
  • They also supervise and assess student nurses and other junior staff in the clinical area.
  • The Pre-registration Staff Nurse must adhere to Code of Professional Practice and Behaviours

    Academic/Professional Qualifications and/or relevant Experience Required
  • Registered in the general division of An Bord Altranais, The Nursing Midwifery Board of Ireland
  • Minimum of six months experience in medical/surgical nursing in an acute hospital setting within the past 4 years.

    Technical/Clinical Competencies Desirable
  • Basic IT Skills
  • Basic Life Support
  • Mandatory Training completed

    Behavioural Competencies
  • Professionalism
  • Understands their own Scope of Practice
  • Understands the need to apply hospital and/or professional standards, policies and procedures to their area of practice

  • Clearly and confidently articulates ideas and opinions and their underlying rationale
  • Draws on a variety of communication methods to fit situation/circumstances
  • Listens openly, using questions to check for understanding/avoid misinterpretation

    Quality Service
  • Is patient- and customer-centred at all times
  • Is flexible/adaptable to meet unexpected demands

    Team Player
  • Is tolerant of diverse values and beliefs
  • Considers how one's behaviour might impact others
  • Knows when and where to ask for help

    Continuous Learning and Development
  • Is receptive to constructive feedback; acknowledges own limitations
  • Learns quickly and gets up to speed with new ideas or procedures

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