Factory Start-Up Services

There are two important reasons why cycle time reduction is critical in leading edge semiconductor tool installation and qualification: revenue and cost.

Leading edge process development and high volume manufacturing is a race against time to capture and retain vital customers that drive the revenue stream. It is therefore essential that new and innovative ways are found to continuously reduce the time it takes to move from design to delivery in order to protect and grow the revenue stream. The cost of creating a high volume manufacturing facility runs to billions of dollars. It is not surprising that there is a lot of pressure on reducing the cycle time from investment to cash flow as the cost of funding the capital places an enormous burden on the Organisation.

Adaptive’s leadership team have led successive factory and process start-ups for Intel in the following key areas:

Combining our key processes in project management, contingency planning, readiness reviews etc, with the right people can result in your factory delivering the right results – this is our Copy Smart process.