Job Description

Job summary

We are currently seeking an
Administrative Assistant to serve as support to our Data Center Construction
Managers. Ideal candidates will partner with multiple Data Center Construction
Managers to handle administrative tasks and freeing up the CM’s time to focus
on organizational goals.
We are looking for a proactive team partner to address the CM’s needs. A person who is a quick thinker, flexible and adaptable to changing project demands and priorities. You will be pivotal
to the success of a well-run, efficient, productive and happy team and frequently find yourself
in the center of everything that happens on the team.
Administrative Assistants perform an array of administrative
functions critical to running an organization
efficiently. You will strategically manage your Data Center CM Admin tasks of:

·       Security badge access requests and vendor on-boarding/access to our Data Centers
·       Updates/changes to project documents as directed by the CM/Team
·       Assist with project closeout documentation
·       Change Management Approval document management
·       Team wiki updates
·       Misc. project support for new hires
·       Stakeholder schedule & meeting coordination
·       Track delivery of material as required
·       Management of MCM (Permit to Work) documentation & scheduling
·       PO creation and CAR extension request
·       Travel & Holiday/Employee Leave arrangements
·       IT equipment procurement
·       Update the AWS Rev. (Playbook for tracking key project dates) at the managers’ request
·       Project input requests for the start-up, execution and close out of projects
·       Coordination of necessary activities & schedules with other AWS and Stakeholder Teams
Project funding submissions, Vendor Purchase Requests and Orders