Job Description

The Decommissioning team is responsible for the Safe and Secure processing of large-scale legacy Data Center equipment through a liquidation process to ensure that targeted equipment is ready to be removed off premises. Team members will also process large volumes of customer data to ensure that all customer data is sanitised and properly managed. This Entry Level position requires the candidate to be a self-starter, highly motivated individual who can adhere to strict processes and be able to perform repetitive tasks with no deviation to demonstrate continuously consistent results. The Successfully candidate will be working in a team environment not only with other members of the Decommissioning team but also working with key stakeholder and must be able to communicate and promote cross-team functionality. This is an entry level position and qualified candidates do not require intimate details of software operations or networking protocols.
Data Center Technicians will be responsible for:
  • Decommissioning and processing of legacy hardware out of the data centre facilities
  • Adhere to security and safety best practices in the data centre
  • Unpacking/repacking fragile electronics
  • Relocating and moving of large enterprise equipment
  • Creating/attaching labels and barcodes/scanning and reading serial numbers/barcodes
  • Hard Drive and Solid State Drive removal and destruction
  • Basic Networking hardware removal and clearing of configurations.
  • Updating progress through a web ticketing system or to a team lead
  • Escalating to senior technicians and management as needed/required
  • Familiarity with basic PC components/hardware: HDD/SSD/Flash/Removable storage media/USB/FireWire/ESATA/Ram/CPU/Motherboard/Input -Output devices
  • Laptop and basic IT software literacy
  • Works well with others and communicate/promote cross team functionality
  • Ability to perform duties constantly and without deviations unless otherwise instructed.
  • Candidates must be mobile and able to travel to the required locations
The candidate must be eligible to work in the UK without sponsorship.