Job Description

  • As part of this role, you will be Managing and leading an onsite
    team consisting of shift leads, factory coordinators and general operators
    including goal setting, performance management, and performance appraisal
    of the onsite team on an annual basis.
  • Reviewing forecast and incoming data streams to ensure the
    customer's forecasted demands are accounted for within onsite inventory
    levels, and ensure these meet the onsite Seveso Regulatory requirements.
  • You'll be managing the hiring and termination process for the
    Onsite Services Department.
  • Regularly monitoring and reviewing the onsite services operations
    to ensure the process and resources are being used efficiently.
  • In addition, you will be ensuring all elements of the competency
    assessment program are adhered too and monitoring the progress of the
    teams and A1 assessors.
  • Managing the Onsite services Health, Safety and Management Systems
    and the customer maintenance program for equipment.
  • You will be identifying and selecting suitable vendors that can
    oversee the critical aspects of the maintenance program and work closely
    with procurement to ensure vendors are assessed and set up appropriately.
  • Leading projects that will contribute towards improved productivity
    or cost savings within the onsite team.
  • And finally, you will be overseeing and facilitating consequence
    management proceedings for onsite team members.