Job Description


We are looking for PC
Repair Technicians to join our key team. You will be working
within a large team in Dublin based Data Centres.


For non-EU applicants, you must have a valid work
permit to work full-time in Ireland (Stamp 3,4,1G)



The Computer Repair
Technicians will receive racks at the loading bay and
follow through installation steps until ultimately handing off the servers.
They will use a cabling workflow tool to assign cables to positions and then
physically run and patch these cables. Tasks included in this installation
process are as follows and the candidate will be exposed to some if not all of
the below:


·        Receiving
work instructions for cabling for new incoming racks

·        Working
on ladders and cabling for new incoming racks(copper and fiber)

·        Receiving
racks at DC loading bays

·        Scanning
of rack assets

·        Connecting
racks via fiber optic and copper cabling (Not power)

·        Overseeing
the building of Top Of Rack switches

·        Ensuring
all hosts power on and check-in

·        Ensuring
all hosts hand-off

·        Performing
basic troubleshooting of hosts


The Computer Repair
Technician will be dealing with repetitive, physical tasks
that involve scanning of rack assets, following the workflow on their laptop,
handling racks of physical server computers, cabling switches, working on
ladders, basic hardware troubleshooting, administration of installations and
clean up.


Basic qualifications:

·        1-2
years of technical experience with hands-on computer hardware experience.

·        Immediate
knowledge of computer hardware systems.

·        Excellent
communication skills, both verbal and written.

·        Strong
Teamwork skills.

·        Attention
to details and meet tight deadlines.

·        Ability
to take direction from both a directed work system and/or a team lead.