Job Description

• To assist Delivery Manager CACR in fulfilling the safety and quality responsibilities as described in the Capital Investments Safety Management System (SMS) and Quality Management System (QMS).
• Support the Head of Safety Capital Investments to develop Policy, Standards and Procedures for Safety Management system to meet the requirements of the programme.
• Provide advice to enable compliance with legislative requirements and company policy/standards/plans both in terms of Safety and Quality.
• Monitor and Audit of CI Safety and Quality related activity to ensure compliance with company standards/policy as directed.
• Facilitate implementation of CI Safety through attendance and associated tasks from safety review workshops and meeting structures as defined within the CI SMS system.
• Manage the processing of CI Permits to work on the CACR programme.
• Developing and implementation of Departmental Safety Standards/Rules/Safe Systems of Work and Risk Assessments for the CI Department.
• Developing, communicating and monitoring the implementation of the annual ‘Safety Plan’ for the CI Department.
• Audit to monitor compliance with Safety Standards, Rules, Safety Management Systems, Quality Systems and procedures.
• Provide advice and guidance on safety legislation, corporate policy/Standards/Rules and safety matters generally.
• Provide advice, guidance and leadership to departmental Safety Representatives.
• Representing the CI department at meetings with internal and external bodies in relation to CACR and to ensure that corporate policy is followed in the decision/action taken regarding the outcome of such interaction.
• The holder of this position must perform his/her duties in accordance with Statutory and Corporate Health, Safety and Environmental requirements, and perform the duties as described in the CI Safety management System.
• Ensure that CACR Delivery Unit holds a safety review meeting once a period and that this meeting is recorded in minutes.
• Monitor implementation of the Quality System in relation to CACR operations.
• Attend Induction Presentations for new staff in relation to Quality and Health and Safety.
• Assist in Internal and External Audits relating to CACR
• Monthly Quality System compliance meetings with the Delivery Manager CACR.
• Assist and provide guidance on the completion of safety tours, risk assessments and carry out accident Investigations as appropriate.
• Support the Delivery Manager CACR to comply with the responsibilities set out in CI-SMS-001 Section 4.5.2
• Develop and implement bespoke training where required.


Essential Criteria
Required Competencies:
• The ideal candidate will have a recognised level 8 health and safety qualification or higher and previous experience of coordinating health and safety in the construction industry.
• Experience in H&S Policy development and implementation.
• Teamwork and self-directed working
• Ability to take the initiative.
• Strong leadership / communication & presentation skills
• Ability to engage with CI Team members, colleagues and contractors’ organisations.
• Ability to project manage and deliver on commitments.
• Problem solving abilities.
• Flexibility
• Awareness of the Construction Industry at both Design & Construction.
Desirable Criteria
• Quality management systems knowledge
• Membership of professional organisation (IOSH)
• Previous experience with Client / Main Contractor organisations.
• Knowledge / experience of PSDP & PSCS roles in the construction sector.
• Specialist Knowledge of the role
• Safety Awareness
• Interpersonal skills
• Drive for results
• Problem Solving