Job Description

We are currently looking for a Live Stream Operation Manager & Consultant to work for one of our clients, which success stories have been featured in the New York Times, Forbes,
CNBC, BBC, WWD, Glossy, CCTV and many others. The objectives are to first help Irish
businesses to connect and sell to Irish consumers via social media/live, and then expand their
business internationally to global consumers.
We are looking to recruit our initial team members that can help us grow our business in Ireland
and the UK. As a company, educational background is only a very small factor for us to
evaluate a candidate's qualification for any position. Our recruiting philosophy is: Experience
is better than degrees; and personalities, characters and attitudes are more important than a
well-drafted resume. 
This is an exciting job opportunity if you are looking to……
– Grow with a still small but fast growing company in one of the hottest industries.
– Enrich your professional experience by working with and learning from industry experts.
– Unlock your potential and establish your expertise by not fitting into one fixed position,
but getting hands on various positions, initially.
– Start learning and participating in exciting projects for some of the biggest companies in
the world, from day one.
– Be ready always to take on new ideas and responsibilities at any given moment to
develop strong marketing/live-streaming/operational skills and capabilities.
– Become a problem solver, strategic thinker, content creator and impressive presenter.
– Gain an opportunity to become a regional manager of Wonder in Ireland, and beyond.
– Work for a company that can potentially disrupt an entire industry…….
Specific Responsibilities
* Assist in Planning & Coordinating of Livestream Marketing Projects in Ireland and the UK
* Be trained and become an effective live streamer.
* Develop, onboard and train clients for the platform.
* Become a proficient live stream commerce consultant and trainer.
* Help Creative Director Coordinate Programing and Execution of Consultation Services
* Support in Company’s PR and Marketing efforts.
* Research and provide recommendations for new market entry strategies for different brands.
* Produce marketing & Social Media Promotion Solutions.
* Conduct competitive and industry research to stay abreast of changes and new digital
platforms and technologies
* Proactively identify, report, and escalate any issues and offer support to the team where
* Many other potential responsibilities.
After completing the application, the recruiter might ask you:
– to send a Self-intro (well thought and genuine intro specifically tailored to this job posting)
– 2 or 3 photos/videos of your social media posts and
– Related Work/Designs.


Hard Requirements:
– Must be 21 or older EU citizens.
– Must have graduated from a 4 year college.
– Native speaker of English. Proficiency in other languages is a plus. (Best: French, then
Italian and/or Spanish)
– 1+ year experience in marketing, sales, pr, retail, fashion brand and/or business
development in any capacity is preferred.
– Decent skills for Microsoft Office, general IOS based system/software & google doc, etc.
– Highly savvy in all popular social media platforms
– Must be a people’s person and sociable
– Must be a great communicator and a good listener
– Must work well w/others, in person and remotely, but can complete tasks independently.
– Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
– Must be a self-starter, fast learner, and go-getter
– Must be able to multi-tasking and work under deadline and pressure.
Soft Requirements (Plus +):
– Background in fashion design/merchandising/styling/retail experience is a strong ➕.
– Social Media Marketing experience is a strong ➕.
– Marketing & PR experience is a strong ➕.
– Business Development with a proven record a strong ➕.
– Graphic Design is a plus.
– Understanding the US and/or China e-commerce and retail landscape is a plus.
– Photoshop, Illustrator and/other design software is a plus.
– Strong writing skills is a plus.
– Superior public speaking skills is a plus.
– BD Division for Mark
– ecommerce background or significant understanding is a +.
Personalities & Characters:
– Diligent & hard-working
– Highly intelligent and analytical.
– Strong thirst for new knowledge and experience.
– Open-minded and a fast learner.
– Out-going & people’s person.
– Work well under pressure and comfortable to receive constructive criticism.
– Organized and detail oriented.