Job Description

We’re looking for Software Development Engineers to work with experienced teams in Berlin, and deliver on our next generation of product and services from the ground up. We’re looking for a passionate, team-oriented, and talented engineer who has experience building innovative, sophisticated applications that customers love.
You’ll work to design and implement cutting edge products and services used every day, by people you know. You’ll be involved in shipping full stack applications dealing with modern front-end framework, cloud based services, workflow architecture and Machine Learning. You’ll need a strong sense of ownership, bias for action, agility, and creativity as well as a focus on the technical operations for your team’s systems. If you enjoy solving complex problems and tackling tough challenges, we’d love to hear from you!
•       Ramping up on accessibility and services to be remediated
•       Working with the POC to resolve all ambiguities with the triaged tickets: When accessibility defects are identified in shared components, employees should notify POCs to advocate for resolutions from AUI teams.
•       Signing up for Wa11y Q&A sessions in Accessibility office hours when they encounter technical challenges
•       Fixing the accessibility tickets which includes changing the code, creating any string translation requests as necessary, testing it & creating code reviews.
•       Ensuring code reviews are merged and after they reach prod, signing up for Wa11y Accessibility office hours for Play With Sessions (PWS), to ensure all issues have been fixed. If new issues have been identified, they will also be responsible to re-iterate and fix the issues.
•       If an issue can’t be fixed, they will need to discuss with the team and request an exception.
The employees working on the accessibility tickets will need to have knowledge about the following:
•       Frontend technologies : Javascript, Typescript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JSP, NodeJS, NPM
•       Strong onboarding skills and ability to rapidly understand new codebases
•       Good to have but not necessary : prior experiences leveraging web accessibility features, performing keyboard navigation testing, and working with screen readers
Candidates are expected to have 2 years of experience in 4 out of the 5 follow