Job Description

The employees working on the accessibility tickets will need to have knowledge about the following:
• Frontend technologies : Javascript, Typescript, HTML, CSS, JQuery, JSP, NodeJS, NPM
• Strong onboarding skills and ability to rapidly understand new codebases
• Good to have but not necessary : prior experiences leveraging web accessibility features, performing keyboard navigation testing, and working with screen readers
Regional Flexibility (6 L4 SDEs)
Goal of this project is to set up AWS infrastructure in the new AWS Zaragoza Region (ZAZ) for all non-decommissioned Community Feedback services (currently running out of the AWS Region in Dublin). For all services in scope, there's a list of similar tasks to be executed. The work includes migration to JDK17, automation of AWS infrastructure creation, removing internal and external dependencies to non-supported services, and demonstrating success by spinning up the services in the new region and passing integration and non-regression tests. The migration of data is not in scope.
For every service, we consider the task accomplished if all of the following acceptance criteria are met.
1. Service is migrated to Java Development Kit (JDK) 17 and AWS 2.0 SDK.
2. Service is optimised for AWS Graviton (building locally for ARM).
3. AWS infrastructure creation is fully automated through CDK (Cloud Development Kit). Contractors are not expect (at least initially) to develop net-new CDK code, but rather extend existing ones.
4. AWS services not available in the target region are replaced by alternative AWS services
5. Sentry (internal single-sign-on technology on deprecation path) is not used anymore
6. Load balancers are migrated from NetScaler to Tardigrade (internal Amazon technologies based on AWS)
7. Service is spun up in AWS Zaragoza Region and all pipeline tests are executed and pass
Candidates are expected to have 2 years of experience in 4 out of the 5 following domains:
• Java Backend Development
• Infrastructure Automation
• Amazon Web Services or other cloud providers
• Networking
• DevOps Experience